Traverse and Rename files in folder

I recently encountered a problem wherein I had to traverse through all the files in a folder and rename each file. The original files is as shown below having a set of characters and number separated by an “-” (hyphen) with jpg extension. d6445cef9361a2bf-1.jpg d6445cef9361a2bf-2.jpg d6445cef9361a2bf-3.jpg and so on. Here, the requirement was to remove […]

Using RStudio with GitHub

Introduction This tutorial Introduces the reader to step by step instruction in using RStudio IDE with GitHub. Using RStudio with GitHub All these steps are tested on a Windows 10 machine with RStudio version 0.99.x. I assume that you have already already installed RStudio and GitHub. If you haven’t still installed GitHub then please follow […]

Internet of Things (IoT) Syllabus for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology

SUBJECT TITLE: Internet of Things (IoT)   SUBJECT CODE: 15CS822 No. of Credits:4:0:0:0 No. of Lecture hours per week:4 Exam Duration :3 hours Exam Marks: 100 Total No. of Lecture hours: 52   Course Objectives: The objective of the course is to: Vision and Introduction to IoT. Understand IoT Market perspective. Data and Knowledge Management […]

Read and Write JSON with Python

Introduction JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation ( and was proposed by Douglas Crockford. JSON is an easy to understand data exchange format which is independent of programming languages. Why JSON? JSON allows websites to load data quickly and asynchronously in the background without much delay. JSON doesn’t have end tags like XML, is shorter […]

Android Application Fundamentals and Activity Class

Android Application Components Applications are made up of a number of components which are initiated when the application starts. Each of these components have their own role in the Android ecosystem and APIs. Four important Android Application Components are Activity Services Broadcast Receivers Content Providers Activity It is designed to display. It is implemented as […]

Introduction to Android Platform and Android Development Environment

The Android Platform The Android Platform is a software stack for Mobile Devices consisting of OS Kernel, System Libraries, Application Frameworks and Key Applications. Android provides SDK for creating Applications. Android SDK consists of libraries, development tools and lots of documentation. The Android Architecture Android architecture consists of different layers like Linux Kernel, Libraries, Android […]