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Traverse and Rename files in folder

I recently encountered a problem wherein I had to traverse through all the files in a folder and rename each file. The original files is as shown below having a set of characters and number separated by an “-” (hyphen) with jpg extension. d6445cef9361a2bf-1.jpg d6445cef9361a2bf-2.jpg d6445cef9361a2bf-3.jpg and so on. Here, the requirement was to remove […]

Read and Write JSON with Python

Introduction JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation (http://www.json.org) and was proposed by Douglas Crockford. JSON is an easy to understand data exchange format which is independent of programming languages. Why JSON? JSON allows websites to load data quickly and asynchronously in the background without much delay. JSON doesn’t have end tags like XML, is shorter […]

Using BitBucket with PyCharm

Introduction I’m working on a critical software and wanted to have private repositories so that only I can have access to those repositories. Even though GitHub is the most popular repository hosting service, unless you pay for the repositories you create they will be considered as public repositories and it’ll be available for all to […]

Installing Anaconda Python Distribution and PyCharm IDE to Setup a Python Development Environment

Introduction This article is about installing Anaconda Python Distribution and PyCharm IDE to setup a Python Development Environment. The steps described here should work on Windows/7/8/10 machines. Installing Anaconda Python Distribution Step 1: Go to the link below https://www.continuum.io/downloads You have the option to download either Python 2.7 distribution (32 bit or 64 bit) or […]